Phenomenology of Fantasy and Fiction

Some Remarks Towards a Unified Account

  • Pedro Manuel dos Santos Alves University of Lisbon


I offer an outline of an integrated phenomenological analysis of free fantasy and of fictional worlds. My main con­cern amounts to stress the scissions entailed in free fantasy and in the con­sciousness of fictional objects: a scission of the I, and a scission of the experience. Firstly, I offer a somewhat new characterization of the presence of the objects of free fantasy, which discon­nects any possible relationship of those objects with a real perception as the leading form of an originally giving consciousness. My leading example is daydream. Secondly, I take the Husserlian analysis of neutralization as a conceptual tool to explain the consciousness of fictional worlds, against a new ten­dency for in­terpreting these worlds in light of the concept of “possible world”. The two approaches converge to a twofold char­acterization of the mode of being of fictions and of the modality of presence of the objects of fantasy.


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