A hermenêutica de Paul Ricoeur face à filosofia reflexiva

  • João Amaral Ribeiro


Essential philosophical question according to Paul Ricoeur: the ontologícal and epistemological possibility of the understanding of the self. Philosophy as reflection, ethics and herrneneutics; reflection taken as a task of position, interpretation and appropriation of the self; ethics as the effort of emancipation is required; hermeneutics as ontic-existential investigation which deals with the situation of sharing belonging (pre-understanding) and the criticai distanciation which come with or judge rival or opposing interpretations; understanding of the self as a consequence an a unfinished interpretation of the envolving significant signs (symbols and texts); interpretation as dialectic relation between understanding (synthesis, truthful guess and appropriation as far as reference is concemed) and explanation (analysis, clarification and methodological validation as far as sense is concemed) in the dynamic process of reading. Ricoeur's perspective - framed in reflexive philosophy and as a hermeneutic variation of Husserl's phenomenology starting from the epistemology to the ontology of the understanding.

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