Heidegger e as ciências

  • Nuno Melim


ln this paper we deal with a not so slight misunderstanding about Heidegger's conception of science(s). We try to show that instead of a so-called "anti-scientism" we find rather a criticai thought on the part of Heidegger. Critical in two senses: one that implies a questioning and an explicitation of the pre-scientific, non-scientific foundations (or conditions) of science and the analysis of the relation between sciences as "regional ontologies" and philosophy as "fundamental ontology"; another that suggests the "need of another thinking", an altemative (certainly discussible) to the predominant calculative thinking of "the era of science".

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MELIM, Nuno. Heidegger e as ciências. Phainomenon, [S.l.], n. 3, p. 43-55, oct. 2001. ISSN 2183-0142. Available at: <http://phainomenon-journal.pt/index.php/phainomenon/article/view/26>. Date accessed: 18 may 2024.

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