Husserl, psicologia fenomenológica e psicoterapia existencial

  • Daniel Sousa Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada


The present paper intended to present a proposal for division of phenomenological psychology in two separate areas but interconnected with each other, based respectively on a static and genetic phenomenology. The former is more appropriate for a research field of human psychology, based on the concept of intentionality is presented as an eidetic psychology that can be applied to different subjects of study of psychological research and have as a research field on major issues ofpsychology, as perception, memory, language, imagination. Phenomenological Psychology II, based on a genetic phenomenology is applied on the psychotherapeutic space because its object of inquiry is a self that has a story based on sedimentations generated in part by passive syntheses that operate at a pre-reflexive level. The genetic analysis is a phenomenological investigation of intersubjective facticity in a therapeutic context.

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