Sobre a existência de uma “redução fenomenológica” em psicanálise

  • Carlos Morujão Universidade Católica Portuguesa


This paper adresses both the phenomenological theories of intentionality, reduction, and passive synthesis, and Freud's theory of the inconscious. Its main purpose is to develop some ideas that will allow an answer to the two following questions. First: is there anything in Husserl's phenomenology that authorizes the foundation, from a philosophical point of view, of the main psychoanalytical concepts, or at least opens the possibility ofthinking them, regardless their specific therapeutically value? Secondly: is there anyting in psychoanalysis that excedes everything that both a phenomenology of the acts of consciousness and the traditional philosophical discourse say about the psyche, inducing philosophy to review its most firmly established ideas about this matter?

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MORUJÃO, Carlos. Sobre a existência de uma “redução fenomenológica” em psicanálise. Phainomenon, [S.l.], n. 16-17, p. 193-210, oct. 2008. ISSN 2183-0142. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 july 2024.