Maladie: de la phénoménologie a la thérapie

  • Roland Vaschalde Bibliotèque Interuniversitaire de Montpellier


We would like to conduct a phenomenological analysis of illness beyond the characteristics which define it scientifically, in order to consider the suffering experience of the sick person which, in reality, constitute its authentic truth. Following Michel Henry's philosophy which defines !life as pathetic self-affection, we will understand that illness may and must first of all be considered as an intense form of this unsurmountable link to one's self which concems the very essence of everyone of us as a living ipseity. Then, if "One does not feel", if suffering is always a founding individual experience, the principle that medicine should be attentive to the subjective experience of patients is consequently established. Then, we can also begin to understand the enigma of a patient's attachment to his illness, to the point of refusing to be cured, as an inappropriate existential expression of an ontological fear of losing oneself.

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