O outro e o limite na propriedade de si

Michel Henry: fecundação da imanência

  • Florinda L. F. Martins Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa


The passivity is for many the key of Michel Henry's phenomenology. On one side, Ricoeur's Soi-même comme un autre recognizes that, in Henry's work, passivity is a witness to alterity taking this concept out of ties of the speculative speech. On the other side, Marion, being, however, aware of it, as stated in his essay "La chair ou la donation de soi", argues that essence 'sentante' is prior to 'l'épreuve de soi'. I'll try to disclose further in this work that essence 'sentante' is the passivity itself. Thus more than witnessing (Ricoeur) or appropriating (Marion), the others and the limits are data of affective life in three passivity levels, ranging from sensations, feelings and affections.

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